JRP Ergonomics

About us

Established: 1995
First registered: 1996
Indemnity: Individual
Chartered ergonomists: 1

The primary area of experience and expertise is in the examination of tasks that might lead to musculoskeletal injuries amongst workers (e.g. back pain and/or upper limb disorders), and thence to a satisfactory resolution of the problem. These tasks may be industrial or office based and the services offered range from routine workplace assessments to the investigation of complex industrial and process design issues.

A well established expert witness service specialising in back injuries, upper limb disorders and slipping, tripping and falling accidents, forms a significant part of the Consultancy activities. A range of related training courses is also available which can be tailored to clients’ specific requirements.

Areas of work
Accidents Health & Safety at Work
Anatomy & Anthropometry in Human Activities
Computer Terminals: Design & Layout
Expert Witness: Various Work Situations
Industrial Design Applications
Manual Handling of Loads: Safety & Training
Office Ergonomics & Design
Risk Assessments: Various Work Situations
Training for Management & Staff
Work Related Musculoskeletal Problems