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Andy Baker
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Established: 2003
First registered: 2009
Indemnity: Company
Chartered ergonomists: 2
Other ergonomists: 0
Total staff: 100,000

The AECOM (formerly URS) Human Factors Team work with designers, manufacturers, research organisations, operational, government and regulatory bodies in order to support all types of human-systems interfaces and organisational projects. This ranges from ensuring that safety critical systems are resilient to human error, that associated human tasks are feasible, through to making sure that functions are appropriately allocated between humans and technology and that devices and interfaces are safe, easy and enjoyable to use. As well as investigating and improving the tools and products of the job for enhanced use and efficacy, we are experienced in investigating and developing the socio-technical and organisational systems that impact on human performance.

Areas of work
Accidents, Health & Safety
Design and layout of displays and controls
Human Reliability
Management & Ergonomics
Task Analysis
Training – for Management & Staff
User Requirements & Guidance