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If you have an interest in ergonomics and human factors you are welcome to join us, no matter what field you work in.

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Questions you might have

Yes, you can apply to become a Technical Member or a Registered Member. You will need a minimum of two years of work experience of ergonomics and human factors for Technical Membership and 4 years for Registered Membership. You must be able to demonstrate knowledge of ergonomics in at least one area for Technical Membership, and in five areas for Registered Membership. Your application will usually involve keeping a log book of the work you undertake during your years as an Associate. It is important to start this process early, so that you have all the necessary records when you wish to apply. You should read the information about Technical or Registered Membership as soon as you become an Associate Member.

£99 per year.

No, you will need to upgrade to Registered Member first, as only Registered Members and Fellows are eligible for Chartered status.

If you have been a member with us for at least 10 years’ you can apply for Retired Member status. You will need to declare that you receive no financial income from practising ergonomics.

As a Retired Member, you will be able to:
- pay a reduced subscription rate
- continue with your grade of membership and benefits as before retirement

The subscription rate for a Retired Member is £36. To apply, email

Please note: applying for membership here will set up a login for you. If you already have login details for this site, please email us instead to set up your membership.

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