Looking to the future

We’re looking to the future at Ergonomics and Human Factors 2021 with three days of talks and debate covering everything from human performance to life after Covid-19. Our conference programmes include thought-provoking keynote sessions highlighting the latest ideas and research from some of the leading figures in the industry.

Sarah Sharples, Professor of Human Factors at the University of Nottingham, will examine the role of our discipline in a post-pandemic world. During her Institute Lecture she will put forward some priorities for human factors, drawing on the scientific work that she has carried out in a range of settings and reflecting on the role of ergonomics/human factors specialists and the discipline on a national and international platform.

Another speaker looking to the future will be Richard Browning, the founder of Gravity Industries, an organisation that designs, builds and flies jet suits! The former oil trader and Royal Marine reservist is pioneering a new era of human flight and challenging boundaries in aviation.

Kritina Holden is helping people fly even higher as Human Factors Technical Fellow at Leidos at the NASA Johnson Space Centre in the US. Her presentation will explore the challenges astronauts will face on future deep space missions and the research currently being carried out at NASA.

These are just some of the speakers who will be sharing their ideas at the online conference from 19-21 April. To find out more and book your place, visit our conference website. CIEHF members get 25% off the ticket price with an extra discount for CIEHF students.

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