Keeping safety on track

The importance of human factors in keeping railways safe has been highlighted in a new video by the Rail Safety and Standards Board. The film, aimed at rail workers, explains the difference the discipline makes and explores the positive benefits it’s brought to the transport system.

As well as introducing human factors, it looks at how it’s helping to shape the rail industry. It also features people from other industries, such as aviation and healthcare, discussing the important role played by human factors and how it cuts the likelihood of human error and lowers the risk of dangerous incidents in their fields.

The Rail Safety and Standards Board was established in 2003 on the recommendation of the public inquiry into the Ladbroke Grove rail crash where 31 people lost their lives.

The video is part of a series of films aimed at raising awareness of safety among the rail industry workforce which are used in training sessions and briefings. Find out more about the video here.

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