Naturally creative

Looking at scenes from nature could help improve creative thinking, according to new research. A study examining whether a poster showing a scene from nature could have an effect on the ideas that workers come up with has been published in the journal Ergonomics.

Two sets of participants were given two timed divergent thinking tasks to assess their creativity. One group was exposed to a large 8ft x 8ft poster showing grass, trees and sky on a bright sunny day while they carried out the work. Researchers found that the nature image had “a significant effect on the judge-rated creativity of the ideas generated in both tasks”.

They also examined how the participants thought their environment influenced their cognitive state. The study added: “The room with a poster was perceived as more stimulating while the room without a poster was less stimulating.”

The findings could help in designing office spaces which encourage workers to be more creative.

The full article, by Mark Batey, David J Hughes, Lana Crick and Andra Toader, has been published in Ergonomics, Volume 64, Issue 1 (2021):

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