Be part of the conversation at EHF2021

The annual event showcases what’s happening in our discipline and shines a spotlight on the ideas and research that are making an impact. It’s also a chance to expand your professional network and get to know colleagues from across the human factors community. 

The 2021 conference will be held online from 19-21 April and will be built around four themes:

Perspectives on the Pandemic: shaping the way ahead
With the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak set to be felt for years to come, we explore the rapid change sparked by the pandemic and how human factors has helped ensure these adaptations bring long-lasting benefits.

Attitudes and Behaviour: understanding people’s influence and motivations
What makes people act the way they do and why is the way we communicate so important in achieving successful outcomes? We look at these questions and more and examine why two people might think very differently about the same situation.

Human Performance: resilience and reliability in teams and individuals
Discover what helps people work at their best and the tools and training that enable good decision making and communication. Examples of how this can be applied range from healthcare to commanding submarines.

Technology and Automation: living and working smarter and better
There’s often an uneasy alliance between people and technology, especially artificial intelligence, and we explore the benefits and concerns. We also look at the human factors input into a range of applications, including wearable tech and the flight deck of the future.

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