The Ergonomist

Our magazine, The Ergonomist is published bimonthly and contains articles, news, opinion and much more.

The Human Connection

This free publication is a collection of case studies, describing the impact ergonomics and human factors can have across all sectors.

Barrier Management

This White Paper sets out recommendations to improve the development, implementation and management of the human performance aspects of barrier management systems.

User-Centred Design

This guide is an introduction to the teaching of UCD and is intended to provide support to teachers and their students.

Mobile Working

This guidance is aimed at employers and employees who want to answer those questions and to proactively and effectively manage the ergonomic health risks associated with mobile working

Health & Social Care

This White Paper sets out CIEHF's vision for integration of Human Factors in Health and Social Care and how Human Factors expertise can help and benefit patients, staff and their organisations.

Learning from Adverse Events

This White Paper is designed to help organisations understand a human factors perspective to investigating and learning from adverse events and provide key principles organisations can apply to capture the human contribution to them.


The guidance documents 'Creating a safe workplace' and 'Homeworking and staying healthy' are aimed at organisations and individuals seeking information on adapting workplaces. 

Human factors response to Covid-19

If you'd like to read about ventilator design and usability, bedside ventilator and tracheostomy guidance, as well as the human factors response to Covid-19, please click here

The Future of Aviation

This White Paper, “The human dimension in tomorrow’s aviation system”, explores in detail the human factors challenges that need to be overcome in order to ensure safety in our skies as these developments take shape. 

Clinical decision making

This guidance called 'Coping with Complexity' is aimed at early career pharmacists, especially foundation pharmacists managing the transition from education to the workplace. It should also be of interest to anyone working in complex environments.

Understanding Misuse of Partially Automated Vehicles

The CIEHF has published a new document 'Understanding Misuse of Partially Automated Vehicles', to highlight and evidence the benefits of applying a human factors approach to incident investigation and to share a complementary perspective on the events surrounding the 2018 Mountain View Tesla crash.

Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare AI

The CIEHF have published a new white paper intended to promote systems thinking among those who develop, regulate, procure, and use AI applications in healthcare, and to raise awareness of the role of people using or affected by AI.