Moving with the times

Effective this month, the Institute is reflecting on the fact that those who do great work and support our efforts as an ‘office’ actually live in Nottinghamshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Surrey, Warwickshire and in London, so drawing these folk together in Loughborough, given advances in technology, no longer makes much sense, either for the people themselves or for the Institute. Without increasing our costs, we now operate from flexible office space located around the country, convenient for bringing together individuals and teams at the right times to do the right things in support of our aims as a Chartered body.

So, and in addition to this flexible workspace, we have a new light and bright operational office in Warwickshire at which we receive our routine hard mail and a new Registered Address in Temple Row in central Birmingham. See the bottom of this page for the exact addresses.

A huge thank you goes to Human Applications who have given us a home over the past dozen years at Elms Court in Loughborough and who have so generously supported the Institute in many ways over the years.