News: CIEHF publishes new document on the misuse of partially automated vehicles

The CIEHF has published a new document 'Understanding Misuse of Partially Automated Vehicles', to highlight and evidence the benefits of applying a human
factors approach to incident investigation and to share a complementary perspective on the events surrounding the 2018 Mountain View Tesla crash.

Human factors experts are formally trained to design for, and improve, user experience, safety, usability and effectiveness in technology across diverse fields. By evidencing the human aspect of vehicle automation, it is hoped that vehicle manufacturers, policy makers, incident investigators and consumers may become more aware of the role of the “human” in our exciting automated future.

The document is available now to download

Join our discussion on 27th January to explore the breadth of the Society of Automotive Engineers levels of driving automation and associated human factors considerations. At this event we'll be discussing the investigation of the fatal crash in Mountain View. Examining the driving system from a human factors perspective, we uncover oversights in the preliminary investigation and discuss the implications for the future design of partially automated vehicles.