Active office guide now published!


The Institute is proud to announce the release of CIEHF President Bob Bridger’s latest book, exploring modern ways to be more active in the office while maintaining productivity and comfort.

Featuring 60+ tips to help people be more active at work, ‘A Guide to Active Working in the Modern Office’ has been written to help specialists, therapists, practitioners and managers get to grips with fascinating future workplace trends.

Bob said: “Typing sit-stand working into Google, I’m instantly bombarded with 230,000,000+ search results. My practical, informative guide helps cut through the many myths and claims behind this approach to active working, helping readers make informed choices.”

This short guide reviews the research on sitting and standing from the 1950s to the present day.

“With an ever-increasing emphasis on healthy lifestyles, coupled with our current obesity and overweight epidemic, many are claiming that we should spend more time standing at work. Some have even claimed that sitting is the new smoking! My guide presents the detail behind the claims, helping readers establish what stacks up and what doesn’t.”

Available in hardback and softback from CRC Press (a member of the Taylor & Francis Group), you can purchase your copy here. (ISBN no. of 13 978-0-367-00228-2).