Bringing you the best of human factors online



Considering challenging times, the CIEHF is busy transforming our main conference, Ergonomics & Human Factors 2020, this year in conjunction with ODAM 2020, to a virtual conference, taking place on 28-29 April. 

It is vital that the important work that the human factors community is doing to transform lives is still shared with the world, so we'll be bringing you the content in easily accessible ways including videos, podcasts, slideshows and webinars. 

For a single fee, you’ll have access to the entire virtual conference but even then, you can use your member discount code CIEHF25 to get 25% off. 

We're now helping the presenters to create the content and will have a programme for you soon. We'll also look at ways you can contact the presenters directly. Our conference website is the best place to head to follow the event as it develops. (If you're already a delegate, we've sent you an email explaining how to convert your booking.)