Top IT magazine gets the lowdown on 'soft machine' powering future smart cities


The trusted 'big data', digital business source for over 38,000 technology professionals, Digitalisation World, caught up with CIEHF smart cities champion Barry Kirby this month, to ask - what are the key ingredients needed to create a smart city?

Barry talks about the ‘soft machine’ powering the world’s smartest cities, saying: "People and understanding what they want and need [is the key]! Relegation of the tech-hungry beast dominating smart city design, now opens a new door to an inclusive smart city generation, driven by the communities that will inhabit them."

"By taking a people-centric approach to smart city design, the local community has influence over the services and technologies procured, ensuring that the city delivers for the people, which fundamentally means it will be a success", he adds.

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