Projects & Events


We run many projects throughout the year which help us to achieve our strategic aims. Organised and managed overall by our Chief Operating Officer, these projects rely on the experience, time and effort given by our members. Funding for all major projects is agreed by Council and some may culminate in a major publication such as the Human Factors in Barrier Management White Paper. Smaller projects might result in improved information for members, or better organisational processes and procedures. All projects are important and help to move the Institute, and often the discipline, forward.

If you would like to become involved in a project, please email us with details of your experience and interests that relate to the strategic plan, and the amount of time you could give.


We organise and run an annual conference, 4-6 national one or two-day events per year and many smaller Regional Group events. For our national events, we usually set up a programme committee, made up of 3-5 experienced members who work in the particular sector or area of interest. The committee is responsible for suggesting speakers and the format of the programme, and usually at least one of the committee members will chair the event on the day.

For our annual conference, we rely on members becoming involved in the programme committee and in reviewing submitted papers. The experience and time given by our members helps to ensure high quality of content and a valuable opportunity for networking. If you would like to get involved in these events, please email us with details of your experience and interests.

Our great range of Regional Group events are suggested and organised by our Regional Group Leads. They are very keen to hear your views and ideas for local events that can add to your CPD.

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