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New President for IEA

Posted on 11/30/2018

Reducing risk through design

Posted on 11/28/2018

Army aviation explored

Posted on 11/7/2018


The CIEHF organises a range of events each year, from its three-day flagship Ergonomics & Human Factors conference to two hour Regional Group events. All events are open to everyone, not just CIEHF members. We will soon be moving all our events into this website, but for now, please go to our external events website at events.ergonomics.org.uk.

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Whether you’re looking for expert help with your ergonomics problem or you need a comment for a media article, we can help. We can find you someone to speak about human factors at your event or we can point you to journals if you're looking for research papers.

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Select a sector below to find out how ergonomics and human factors can make a difference.


Find out how human factors can improve patient and healthcare provider safety through ambulance design, medication labelling, surgical teamwork and more.


Manufacturing can benefit from ergonomics interventions, from machine design to process improvement. Find out how.


From nuclear energy to oil & gas platforms to wind farms, ergonomics can bring benefits in safety, control and efficiency. Find out how.


Incorporating ergonomics into defence standards and practice can enhance safety through better equipment design, training and more.


Human factors can improve the passenger, driver and controller experience and bring great safety and efficiency to transport networks. Find out more.


Office ergonomics is not just about display screen assessments, it also includes workspace design, environmental factors and teamwork. Find out more.