Human factors in the workplace

Summary: A flexible 3 day training course providing a sound grounding in the fundamentals of human factors and their application in both operations and design.

Provider: ABB Consulting
Location: UK
Duration: 3 days
Knowledge/experience needed: None

Who should attend and why?
The course is suitable for production management personnel, safety professionals and engineers in the hazardous process industries, requiring a practical introduction to this broad subject area.

Why should you attend?
Understanding of Human Factors is increasingly recognised as vital to safe and efficient operation in the process and other industries. This course is designed to provide a solid foundation across all Human Factors topic areas relevant to industry.

What will you learn?
An introduction to the theory and practice of Human Factors relating to the high hazard process industries. Tools and techniques for using the theory and practice in the workplace. An understanding of the benefits of good Human Factors practice. An insight into regulator expectations for operations, maintenance and projects.

Expected outcomes
Delegates will be introduced to a broad spectrum of human factors topics applicable to high hazard process industries. The course is suitable as the minimum classroom training element of level 2 competence (HFE Coordinator) within the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers competence model. Competence is assessed using a structured group exercise (see Assessment below)

Course duration
3 days, but can be taken as 3 separate 1 day courses

Course content
Module 1 Introduction to human error
– Competence
– Task analysis
– Alertness, fatigue and sleepiness
– Risk assessment techniques

Module 2 Human factors in operations

Module 3 Human factors in design
– Design issues
– Human factors in maintenance
– Control rooms
– Safety critical communications
– Procedures and instructions,
– Human / machine interfaces
– Psychology of human responses,
– Human factors in small teams

Assessment is via a practical scenario examination in the form of a simulated incident investigation based on a real case study (aviation maintenance). *Only delegates completing all 3 days of the training will be eligible for assessment and certification.

What’s included?
All delegates will receive the course handbook, a practical electronic questionnaire and, if eligible, a certificate of achievement.

About ABB Consulting
ABB Consulting has a heritage of providing world class process safety and operational improvement solutions to the process industry. Over 30 years of operating experience ensures that our solutions and training packages are grounded in a practical and realistic approach that our customers appreciate.
Our human factors training courses are prepared and presented by qualified and experienced practising human factors consultants. The course has been run successfully for over seven years and the current iteration reflects developments in the field and experience of running the course throughout that time.