Display screen equipment risk assessment

Summary: A 2 day course on how to complete DSE risk assessments and identify the hazards associated with the workplace.

Provider: Human Applications
Location: UK
Duration: 2 days
Knowledge/experience needed: None, but you would benefit from having an understanding of your organisations existing DSE Risk Assessment Process (if there is one) and how many people you are expected to assess. You should also be allocated time by their managers to conduct assessments once back in the workplace.
Website: www.humanapps.co.uk
Email: enquiries@humanapps.co.uk

Who should attend and why?
This course is designed for those with little or no previous health and safety experience. On completion of the course delegates will have a good working knowledge of the theory and practice of carrying out DSE risk assessments as required by the Display Screen Equipment Regulations. It is intended that upon their return to the workplace delegates will promote safe working in an office environment and ensure the effective use of equipment and furniture. The course also covers issues associated with ‘hot desking’, working at home, use of laptops and more modern technology, alternative input devices, etc.

What will I learn?
You will understand why DSE Risk Assessments should be conducted. You will learn how to conduct an effective DSE Risk Assessment. You will be taught the issues associated with managing the DSE Risk Assessment process.

What are the expected outcomes?
After the course you will be able to:

  • Understand how to comply with UK and EU health & safety law in relation to DSE risk assessment
  • Identify hazards and assess risks associated with the use of DSE
  • Inform users of the hazards associated with using DSE and how to implement good practice
  • Record DSE risk information when appropriate
  • Assist line managers in managing the risk assessment process

Course content

  • Introduction to the principles of risk assessment
  • Health & Safety Law and DSE Regulations 1992
  • The working body and the risks of DSE
  • Meeting the workstation minimum standard
  • Understanding and educating the DSE user
  • Introduction to the pre-assessment questionnaire
  • The DSE Risk Assessment process
  • Training DSE users in good practice
  • Practical – Conducting DSE Risk Assessment
  • Principles of risk ranking
  • Managing the DSE Risk Assessment Process
  • Test (closed book)