Move More at Work

Provider: DSE Scotland Ltd / echo3education Ltd
Location: e-learning (multiple platform) – hosted internally or externally
Duration: Approximately 25 minutes
Knowledge/experience needed: None

Who should attend?
This course is aimed at anyone with a desk-based role.  It is also suitable for those with an interest in (or responsibility for) staff and their welfare, including line managers, safety, HR, facilities, and healthcare professionals.

Why should you attend?
For good health we all need to be physically active, and reduce our sedentary behaviour - sitting or lying down for long periods while awake.  Over time, regularly sitting for long spells at work can have a serious negative effect on general health.

What will you learn?
The Move More at Work course:

  • Highlights the serious health risks linked to physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour.
  • Explains physical activity guidelines for adults.
  • Presents a range of free and low-cost methods of efficiently building in more activity and movement into a working day.

Expected outcomes
Move More at Work seeks to improve health and wellbeing – both at work and beyond - by:

  • Increasing awareness of (a) the ill-health risks linked to physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour and (b) the (World Health Organisation) physical activity guidelines for adults.
  • Promoting simple ways more movement and activity can be introduced into a working day.

Learners are encouraged to consider application of course content to their colleagues, to their lives outside of work and to their loved ones, families or friends. At the end of the course, a call to action encourages staff to identify which of the movement tips they can commit to.

Course content

Introduction and aims

  • Considering personal sitting habits at work
  • Application of learning to life away from work

Section 1 – Physical Inactivity

  • What is physical inactivity?
  • What are the associated health risks?
  • How much physical activity do you need?

Section 2 – Sedentary Behaviour

  • What is sedentary behaviour?
  • What are the risks associated with sedentary behaviour?
  • What can you do about it?

Section 3 – Increasing Movement at Work

  • How much should you move?
  • Ideas to help you move more
  • Identifying your goals

Course assessment: Successful completion releases:

  • Personal completion certificate
  • Stretching exercises
  • Movement tips summary
  • Further information on ergonomics & human factors

Ten question multiple-choice assessment.

What’s included?
Personal completion certificate and other resources as above.

About us
DSE Scotland Ltd are a leading safety consultancy specialising in DSE risk assessments, DSE Assessor Training and related services.  Our popular 1 day DSE Assessor Training is accredited by the CIEHF and available as an in-house or public course.

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