Training Course Accreditation

If you run a training or short course that either leads to an academic qualification or a shorter course that leads to a vocational attendance certificate, then please consider applying for CIEHF Short Course Accreditation.

Courses accredited by us will be promoted through this website and in response to enquiries for training. Only accredited or ‘recognised’ courses are recommended to people who ask us about ergonomics/human factors training.

You can use a special CIEHF recognised course logo and the text “This is a CIEHF Recognised Course” in your publicity for the course.

Quick eligibility check

  • My course covers elements within one or more of the CIEHF Professional Competencies outlined below:
    • Ergonomics/human factors principles
    • Ergonomics/human factors theory and practice
    • Human capabilities and limitations
    • Design and development of systems
    • Professional skills and implementation
  • The trainers hold suitable and sufficient qualifications or experience in the subject being taught.

For academic courses:

  • My course covers at least 15 elements within the Professional Competencies.
  • There is at least one member of the teaching faculty who is a Registered Member or Fellow of the CIEHF.

For vocational training courses:

  • My course covers at least 5 elements within the Professional Competencies.
  • All trainers are members of the CIEHF (excluding Student Members).


Once accredited, we can provide a certificate template for vocational training courses or you can use your own template with the inclusion of our accredited course logo. You will need to send us a record of course dates and lists of delegates.

How to apply

1. Gather your course material

Provide a detailed syllabus of the course including information on course design, content, components, practical work, hand-outs, reading lists and target audience.

2. Compile CVs

Gather CVs of those teaching the course.

3. Complete your application

Download the application form, complete it and email it all to us.

4. Pay the application fee

Once we have received your application, we will issue you with an invoice for the application fee, together with instructions on how to pay. Once you have paid the invoice, we can begin the assessment process.

Questions you might have

The application fee is £50+VAT. Then for each year of accreditation, including the first, there is a fee of £100+VAT.

Accreditation lasts for 3 years or until changes are made to any key area, for example, duration, teaching staff, content or assessment. At this time the course must be reassessed. We reserve the right to carry out random spot checks on any of the accredited courses.

Your course will be assessed by qualified Education & Training assessors of the Professional Affairs Board of the Institute.

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