Outstanding Communications Award

The Outstanding Communications Award is for an individual or group for effective communication such as a blog or social media presence, or one-off publication or communication.

(formerly the Richard Clive Holman Award)

1. The award is given for sustained activity which communicates the value of ergonomics/human factors to an external audience.
2. A programme of activity, such as a website or blog, as well as a one off activity, such as report or article, is eligible for consideration.
3. Evidence of the value of the communication, such as number of hits/reads, external comments/reviews is required as part of the submission.
4. Peer-reviewed journal/conference papers are not eligible for this award.
5. Textbooks or standards may be eligible, but a nomination should clearly demonstrate innovation in communication.
6. Assessment will take into account quality and structure of content, quality of writing, use of sources and originality of the focus.
7. Access must be given to the original communication, in addition to a short description of the communication and its goal, along with evidence of the value/impact/quality of the publication.


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Who was Richard Holman?

Richard Clive Holman was born in 1954, and graduated in ergonomics from Loughborough University of Technology in 1975. After six years in ergonomics with British Aerospace, he joined the Admiralty Research Establishment at Portsdown, working particularly on human computer interaction problems and system design.

He was leader of the Human Factors Section within the Maritime Command System Division of the Defence Research Agency at Portsdown, having been head of it for two years until his untimely death in 1992. This prize was first awarded in his memory.

Roll of honour

2019 Thomas Jun, Roger Haslam & Patrick Waterson. Thomas: "I'm a Senior Lecturer in Human Factors and Complex Systems at Loughborough University and a Chartered Member of CIEHF. I'm a researcher, educator, design facilitator and animation/film producer working in human factors, system safety and participatory design. My expertise is in applying various systems mapping, modelling and simulation approaches to the participatory design/analysis of complex socio-technical systems. I've been involved in projects addressing medication safety, blood transfusion safety, suicide prevention, antibiotics over-prescription, dementia care, ship collision and nuclear incidents."

2018 Design for Real People Action Group
2015 Charlotte Davies
2014 Roberta Symeonides