President's Award

The President's Award is for a group, institution or organisation that has made significant contributions to research and development, implementation and application of knowledge generally in the field of ergonomics/human factors.

1. The nomination must include a full description of the group, especially in detail about its activities over the years in ergonomics/human factors.
2. ‘Group, institution or organisation’ includes sections, units, divisions or equivalent terms which may contain any number of individuals who may change over the years.
3. Members of the group need not be members of CIEHF.

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Roll of honour

2019 Human Factors Dept, BAE Systems Submarines. Anna Welch: "I began my career in 2004 as a Research Associate at Loughborough University, investigating the design of ambulances, patient transport equipment and the provision of community healthcare, and  I completed a PhD in Ergonomics there. In 2009, I became the third member of the BAE Systems Submarines HF Department, and looked forward to the HFI challenges that come with such a complex product and environment. Over the years the department's scope of work has grown significantly seeing an increase to over 40 employees and now serves multiple programmes. I became the Engineering Manager for the Human Factors Engineering Team responsible for the ergonomic design and assessment of HMI, HCI and the spatial layout. In 2018 I became the Acting Head of the HF Department allowing me to help grow the capability and shape the future business direction.”

2018 Human Factors Engineering Team, University of Southampton
2017 Loughborough Design School
2016 RSSB Human Factors Department
2015 London Underground Capital Programmes Directorate Human Factors Group
2014 Barry Kirwan & Steven Shorrock, EUROCONTROL Safety Culture Team
2013 Human Factors Research Group, Nottingham University
2011 NATS Human Factors team
2010 Alastair Gale PERFORMS Scheme (PERsonal perFORmance in Mammographic Screening)
2009 Institute of Occupational Medicine
2008 Professor Tom Reilly and LJMU’s Research Institute for Sport & Exercise Sciences; The Human Factors Integration Defence Technology Centre (HFI DTC); Institute of Human Factors & Ergonomics, Tsinghua University, Beijing
2007 Network Rail Team
2005 Design for Patient Safety Group
2004 Ergonomics 4 Schools Special Interest Group
2001 The Human Thermal Environments Laboratory, Loughborough University
2000 The Safety Science Group, TU Delft
1997 Silsoe Research Institute; ETSI Technical Committee for Human Factors
1996 The Applied Ergonomics Group, Philips Corporate Design
1995 The Ergonomics Information Analysis Centre, University of Birmingham
1994 The Army Personnel Research Establishment, Farnborough; The Liberty Mutual Research Center, Hopkinton, Mass.
1993 The Human Factors group, Thorn EMI Electronics
1992 ICE Ergonomics
1991 The Ergonomics Unit, Robens Institute, University of Surrey
1989 The Applied Psychology Unit, Medical Research Council, Cambridge
Formerly the Research Award (1983-1988)
1985 Dr David J Oborne of the Department of Psychology, University College of Swansea
1984 Dr John Bebner, for his extensive work in cognitive ergonomics
1983 Dr Edgar D Megaw, for his major contributions to research in the field of industrial inspection2007 Prof Robert J Stone