Towards 2020

The CIEHF is a professional member organisation for ergonomists and human factors specialists, uniquely providing a route to Chartership. We accredit education and training courses and recognise quality ergonomics services. Our activities raise awareness about the broad scope and positive impact of the discipline in all aspects of life and work. Our current business strategy, called 'Towards 2020', formulated at the end of 2014 and published below, sets out our Vision and Mission, together with our values, our strategic objectives and our priorities for the next five years.

Our Vision: Ergonomics Everywhere

A world where ergonomics and human factors are recognised, valued and applied, to the benefit of people, organisations and society.

Our Mission

To develop and share our understanding of ergonomics and human factors, demonstrate its benefits for human wellbeing and organisational success, and bring about its adoption in everyday life.

Our Values

We are committed to:

  • Putting people at the centre of what we do.
  • The world becoming a better, safer, more sustainable place in which to live and work.
  • Robust research, underpinning ergonomics and human factors practice.
  • High professional standards in the work of the Institute and our members.
  • Ethical conduct in research, practice and in the operation of the Institute.
  • Being an inclusive, listening and learning organisation.
  • Recognising and respecting diversity.

Our Objectives

By 2020 we want to:

  • Have greater, wider recognition as the authoritative source for comment, information and advice on ergonomics and human factors.
  • Have raised awareness of the importance and benefits of ergonomics and human factors at senior level in the organisations that most affect our lives.
  • Be influencing policy both nationally and internationally where our input can make a tangible difference.
  • Be larger, with a substantial increase in membership at every grade.
  • Be an organisation that people want to identify with, support and be part of.
  • Maintain our financial security with a diverse and reliable income.

Our Strategic Priorities

Promoting ergonomics and human factors

  • Use our status as a Chartered body to promote our discipline and practice to all sectors of society that would benefit.
  • Explain to a wide audience how ergonomics and human factors works in support of human values, social capital and organisational well-being.
  • Engage with business leaders, government and policy makers to promote the quality and productivity benefits of applying ergonomics and human factors.
  • Provide an innovative focal point for showcasing the benefits of ergonomics and human factors to those we wish to reach.
  • Benefit from our members’ expertise as active participants on bodies that influence policy and standards.

Our members

  • Coordinate our membership to promote ergonomics and human factors and the Institute more effectively.
  • Provide more opportunities for people to meet ergonomists and human factors specialists and hear about what they do.
  • Organise our volunteers efficiently and ensure they have well defined and rewarding roles.
  • Provide better support to members in managing and developing their careers.
  • Promote the value of Chartered membership nationally and internationally to current and potential members.
  • Encourage businesses and other organisations to consult and employ Chartered Ergonomists & Human Factors Specialists.

Knowledge and education

  • Highlight the opportunities for a rewarding career in ergonomics and human factors.
  • Provide new opportunities for people to gain knowledge and skills in ergonomics and human factors.
  • Encourage the adoption of ergonomics and human factors as a taught subject in its own right, in addition to the current provision at degree level.
  • Become recognised as the sole UK-based accreditation body for professional standards in ergonomics and human factors.
  • Reward and promote contribution, achievement and best practice in ergonomics and human factors.