Scottish Regional Group

About the region

The main industries in the region include oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, finance, public services and light manufacturing.

The main population centres are Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

About the organiser

Elaine SkillingElaine Skilling is Principal Consultant Ergonomist at the Keil Centre.

“I did my first degree in physiotherapy and spent 8 years doing that before undertaking my MSc in Ergonomics. Initially I combined my roles as occupational physiotherapist and ergonomist working within the private occupational health setting covering a variety of industries. I then managed a team of physiotherapists and provided in-house ergonomic services within the car manufacturing industry and other industries before taking up my present role in 2012 with the Keil Centre, Edinburgh.

Now I integrate human factors and ergonomics services to a wide variety of industry sectors both nationally and internationally with specific focus on safety critical task & human error analysis, human factors design & planning, behaviour standard development & implementation, procedure development & evaluation, and control room design. I also have extensive experience, both nationally and internationally, in delivering training courses and workshops in a variety of human factors subjects.

I think the Regional Groups are invaluable in our profession because although I am fortunate enough to work within a team of ergonomists and psychologists, this is rarely the case, making that peer support and networking opportunities all the more vital.”

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