Contemporary Ergonomics & Human Factors 2017

Contemporary Ergonomics & Human Factors 2017

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This book contains the proceedings of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors international conference on Ergonomics and Human Factors, held in April 2017 in Daventry, UK. The papers cover a range of key ergonomics topics including design, healthcare, rail, technology & people, occupational health, safety culture, barrier management, cognition, sensing & interpreting data and systems.

The book is published by the CIEHF and is available as a digital download.


The role of ergonomics in creating adaptive and resilient complex systems for sustainability

A Vision for the Future of Radiotherapy – Daniel P JENKINS, Andrew WOLFENDEN, David J GILMORE, Malcolm BOYD
An Insight into Patient Usability Preferences for Injection Devices – Natalie SHORTT
Exploring the Perceived Privacy of On-Screen Information and Its Impact on the User Interface Design of a Self-Service Terminal – Elina JOKISUU, Andrew W D SMITH and Phil DAY
A quick history lesson: Lean UX research at Hampton Court Palace – Pete UNDERWOOD
A Sociotechnical Systems Analysis Approach to Playground Design – Leigh MISSEN, Nicholas J STEVENS, Paul M SALMON
Heavy metal: reflections on practice in military vehicle human factors – Will TUTTON
A Tool to Generate ‘HF Meaningfulness’ in the Design and Development of Armoured Fighting Vehicles – David KEANE and Chris AVIS
Human Factors Engineering at the early phases of a project – Andrew BRAZIER

Save Our Surgeons: An Ergonomics Evaluation of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy – Sue HIGNETT, Esther MOSS, Diane GYI, Lisa CALKINS and Laura JONES
Factors Contributing to Task Success: Safety-II in the Context of Community-Based Patient Discharge – Eva-Maria BURFORD, Bill BROWN, Mike FRAY and Patrick WATERSON
Can We Learn about Human and Organisational Factors from Past Transfusion Errors? – Alison WATT, Gyuchan Thomas JUN, Patrick WATERSON
Medication Management in Community Care: Using Hierarchical Task Analysis to describe complex systems – Thomas ALLITT, Esther KIRBY and Sue HIGNETT
Factors Influencing the Development of Effective Error Management Competencies in Undergraduate UK Pharmacy Students – Helen VOSPER and Sue HIGNETT
Novice and Experts Strategies for Understanding Complex Big Data – Andreas REITER, Xianxu HOU, Genovefa KEFALIDOU, James GOULDING
Human Factors Integration (HFI) in UK Healthcare: a route map for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and 20 years – Sue HIGNETT, Will TUTTON, Kerry TATLOCK

The Impact of Automatic Train Protection on Ways of Working in Australian Rail: Preliminary Findings from the Driver Perspective – Ty YOUNG, Anjum NAWEED
The impact of transitioning to/from ERTMS operation from a train driver’s perspective – Alice MONK, Mary-Elizabeth CROSS, Stuart McFARLAND, Robert AGUTTER, Lynne, COLLIS, David FLETCHER
SPAD Dashboard: A tool for tracking and analysing factors influencing SPADs – Nora BALFE, Sean GEOGHEGAN and Brendan SMITH

Technology & People
Driver Interaction with a Traffic Light Assistant App: A Naturalistic Investigation – Kyle WILSON, Karl BRIDGES, Paul WARD, Simon PARKINSON, Tyron LOUW, Ryan COONEY
Cyber-Physical Systems and Society: Some technology-based ‘key messages’ for ergonomics/human factors – Murray SINCLAIR, Paul PALMER and Carys SIEMIENIUCH
Development of Human Factors and Cybersecurity Objectives for Mobile Financial Service (MFS) – Stephen AMBORE, Edward APEH, Huseyin DOGAN, Christopher RICHARDSON & David OSSELTON
Does your attention allocation affect how motion sick you can get? – Yue WEI, Xiaojin FU and Richard H. Y. SO
Using screens: How much time are children and young people spending on technology? – Jo FOWLER and Jan NOYES
Digital Well-Being Across the Ages – Generational Perceptions of Well-Being in Reference to the Use of the Internet and Digital Technology – Barry KIRBY, Jamie-Lee BIRCH, Jasmine CAIN and Victoria NEWLAND

Occupational Health
Do plants in an office improve perceptions of wellbeing and work effectiveness? The case of a call centre – Andrew THATCHER and Anastasia KALANTZIS
A short questionnaire to measure wellbeing at work (Short-SWELL) and to examine the interaction between the employee and organisation – Andrew SMITH and Hugo SMITH

Safety Culture
Exploring safety culture in the military aviation context – Anthea ASHFORD, Elizabeth HELLIER, Robert BRIDGER and Andrew WEYMAN

Barrier Management
Development of the CIEHF White Paper on Human Factors in Barrier Management: Recommendations and Learnings – Dr Ronald W MCLEOD and Dr Ian RANDLE

Team situational awareness: practitioner-centred design of a safety huddles toolkit – William GREEN, Ceri JONES, John MALTBY, Simon ROBINSON, Damian ROLAND and Carol STAFFORD
Challenging the Limits of Cognitive Systems Engineering and Ecological Interface Design: Commander’s Cyber Situational Awareness – Rob HUTTON, Hannah BLACKFORD, Kevin BENNETT, Nigel JONES, and Ade FISHER
It’s not all about the bike: distributed situation awareness and teamwork in elite women’s cycling teams – Paul SALMON, Clare DALLAT, Amanda CLACY

Sensing & Interpreting Data
Identifying requirements for mapping physiological measurements to distress – Neil DE JOUX, Genovefa KEFALIDOU, Mirabelle D’CRUZ, Sarah SHARPLES, Fay MISICHRONI, Giannis KARASEITANIDIS, and Nikos FRANGAKIS
Blink counts can differentiate between task type and load  Rebecca CHARLES and Jim NIXON
Optimum Kinect Setup for Real-Time Ergonomic Risk Assessment on the Shop Floor – Chika Edith MGBEMENA, John OYEKAN, Windo HUTABARAT, Sarah FLETCHER, Yuchun XU and Ashutosh TIWARI
Using myoelectric signals for gesture detection: a feasibility study – Farshid AMIRABDOLLAHIAN, Michael WALTERS, Rory HEFFERNAN, Sarah FLETCHER, Phil WEBB
A Human Factors Approach to Enhanced Machine Learning in Cars – Joseph SMYTH, Stewart BIRRELL, Lech BIREK, Kris KOBYLINSKI, Alex MOUZAKITIS and Paul JENNINGS

Setting the standard: a systems approach to the design and evaluation of safety standards – Tony CARDEN, Paul M. SALMON and Natassia GOODE
The Combat Helmet as a System: Development of a Systems Model to Manage Complexity in Ergonomic Assessments – Sheena E. DAVIS, Dr Steve MILANESE, Alistair FURNELL, Prof Karen GRIMMER
Scoping ergonomics information with User System Architectures to meet HSE’s COMAH requirements – Mike TAINSH
Collisions at Sea: A Systems Analysis of Causal Factors and Countermeasures – Simon MURRAY, Patrick WATERSON & Thomas JUN
Flight Operations as a System of Networks: A Sociotechnical Approach – Neville A STANTON, Katherine L PLANT, Kirsten M A REVELL, Thomas G C GRIFFIN, Scott MOFFATT & Maggie J STANTON

Are Sustained Isometric Muscle Contractions Cognitively as well as Physically Demanding? A Pilot Study Using an Exoskeleton for the Lower Limbs – Bob BRIDGER, Anthea ASHFORD, Sarah WATTIE, Isobel FISHER and Peter PISULA
Surgery: can new Human Factors perspectives predict a safer future? – Tracey ROSELL
Better Compliance through Better Medical Devices – Daniel P JENKINS & Chris LANGLEY
Touch on the Flight Deck – Older Pilots Want to Learn New Tricks – Craig ALLISON, Kirsten REVELL, Bobby HENDERSON, Luke BOLTON and Neville STANTON
Giganomics: Ergonomics challenges for performing bands – Peter BUCKLE
Optimal Ease Allowance of Flight Coveralls for Republic of Korea Air Force – Ah Lam LEE, Lin CHEN and Yunja NAM
Applying Human Factors within the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry – Clair Ridge Project – Calum SMITH & Jackie BARRETT
How are you using your smartphone or tablet? An observational tool – Thomas WINSKI, Richard GRAVELING, Alice DAVIS and Khalid JABBAR
What do pilots bring to the cockpit? More than meets the eye – Kirsten REVELL, Neville STANTON, Bobby HENDERSON, and Luke BOLTON
How does managing a formation of multiple unmanned vehicles impact operator performance? – Jaina MISTRY and Fiona CAYZER
Data Collection Methodology to test the Operation and Display of Train Protection Systems (AWS/TPWS) through an ERTMS Driver Machine Interface – Charlotte MORRISON
Rethinking primary school chair design – a human-centred perspective – Jackie LIGHTFOOT
The Janus Track: A Conceptual Augmented-Virtual Reality Route Learning Aid for Novice Train Drivers in Australia – Ganesh BALAKRISHNAN, Anjum NAWEED, Matthew THOMAS, Tony MILDRED, Duncan WARD and Drew DAWSON

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