Drop the scatter gun: planning human factors efforts

Drop the scatter gun: planning human factors efforts
21 September 2015 frances

As ergonomists and human factors experts are called on more and more to tackle large-scale projects in industries such as nuclear power, aviation and healthcare, the need to prioritise efforts and ensure the best possible return on investment of both time and money becomes greater. Being able to demonstrate a solid, evidence-based knowledge of how to approach major projects is what will separate you from the competition when securing contracts and moving up the career ladder.

At our human factors integration in the nuclear industry event on the 9th of November Alex Morley, Senior Human Factors Consultant for Atkins Global, will speak about the successful, road-tested screening and assessment tools that he and his colleagues have used on two major civil nuclear projects and a major defence nuclear project.
Alex says, ‘When approaching the integration of Human Factors activities on major nuclear projects, the sheer scale of the engineering and design works can make it difficult to establish the areas of the project in which the attention of the Human Factors team should be most closely focused. In order to deal with this situation, we have developed a set of tools to be utilised with input from engineering, design and safety teams. These tools facilitate the rapid analysis of project areas, such that informed decisions can be made by the human factors team as to how their efforts are best deployed on the project.’

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