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Margaret Hanson
The Green House
41 St Bernard’s Crescent
07838 533997



WorksOut provides practical ergonomics support to help ensure health and well being in the workplace. Our particular expertise is in musculoskeletal disorder risk management through risk assessment and practical risk reduction advice, workplace and work design, guidance for staff, and training. We have experience in the banking, health, manufacturing, telecoms, retail, service and public sectors, and a realistic understanding of business needs and constraints.

Sensible advice is tailored to each situation, providing effective and efficient solutions that are communicated clearly. We also work closely with occupational health professionals providing support on vocational rehabilitation.

Areas of work
Accidents, health and safety
Computer terminals – design and layout
Environmental ergonomics
Expert witness – various work situations
Industrial/commercial workplace design
Management & ergonomics
Manual handling of loads – safety and training
Office ergonomics and design
Risk assessments – various work situations
Training for management and staff
Vehicle and transport ergonomics
Work-related musculoskeletal problems

Further details
Established: 2007
First registered: 2008
Indemnity: Individual
Chartered ergonomists: 1
Other ergonomists: 0
Total staff: 0