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Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd
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Russell Bond
Beckington Castle, 17 Castle Corner
BA11 6TA
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The SEA Human Factors Group comprises professional ergonomists, engineering psychologists and systems engineers.

The background in Human Factors Integration (HFI), behavioral science and engineering disciplines equips the team with the ability to effectively integrate human factors in system and product design, development and evaluation. The group has experience in military and commercial projects, transport, marine and aerospace sectors. Competencies extend from the development of human factors integration plans, through user and system requirements capture to detailed design and assessment activities.

Human factors is an essential input to the design of effective and safe systems. Early specification of human factors in a project enhances usability and in-service performance, reduces human error and training costs and is essential for optimising manning requirements. Importantly, human-factored systems lead to greater user and customer satisfaction.

We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss your requirements.

Areas of work
Cognitive Ergonomics, Complex Tasks
Design & Layout of Displays – Controls
Human-Computer Interface Design & Assessment
Task Analysis
Usability Assessment
User Requirements & Guidance
Vehicle & Transport Ergonomics

Further details
Established: 1994
First registered: 1997
Indemnity: Company
Registered ergonomists: 1
Other qualified ergonomists: 3
Other consultants: 220