David Hitchcock Ltd

David Hitchcock Ltd
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David Hitchcock
45 Dennis Street
LE67 2FP
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David Hitchcock Limited is an organisation specialising in three areas:
1. Ergonomics and human factors
2. Health and safety
3. User response

For each of these areas we provide consultancy, research and training services.

Our ergonomics services are intended to help ensure that people can interact, benefit from and perhaps even enjoy the things they do, the stuff they use, and the places they go. This can be achieved by properly understanding user needs, capabilities and aspirations and then making sure they are met by the provision around them.

Our health & safety services aim to reduce accidents and ill-health by providing clear, sensible, prioritised and accurate information and support.

Our user response services have developed in response to clients requesting a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding user needs and identifying the factors which need attention to improve take-up, acceptability, desirability and usability of a system or product. These are sometimes referred to as ?soft factors? or ?psychosocial factors?, those aspects of a design which may sometimes seem somewhat intangible but which can actually make or break the design.

Sectors and Sizes
We work in all sectors and with organisations of all sizes. Our commissions range from half-day training sessions to longitudinal studies for Government departments.

Originally a private consultancy, David Hitchcock Limited was established in May 2006. Founded on over 20 years experience of its Director, the company has developed an enviable reputation for consistently producing high quality work, to budget and to time. Our network of specialists in ergonomics, psychology, design, management, usability and safety allows us to work as independent consultants or as part of multi-disciplinary teams.

Areas of work
Accidents; Health and Safety at Work
Computer Terminals: Design and Layout
Human-Computer Interface Design and Assessment
Industrial/Commercial Workplace Design
Manual Handling of Loads: Safety and Training
Office Ergonomics and Design
Product Design and Consumer Ergonomics
Training for Management and Staff
Usability Assessment
Work Related Musculoskeletal Problems

Further details
Established: 2003
First registered: 2004
Indemnity: Individual
Chartered ergonomists: 1
Other ergonomists: 0
Total staff: 1