Canary Designs Ltd

Canary Designs Ltd
25 June 2015 CIEHF site manager


John Lovegrove
Unit B9
Trem y Dyffryn
Colomendy Industrial Estate
LL16 5TX
01745 403726 or 07958 103521

Canary was formed in 2011 with the sole purpose of providing human centred solutions across multiple industries.

Canary specialises in providing the following services:

  • Digital Human Modelling (JACK version 8.2 including Task Analyser Toolkit)
  • Analysis of Complex Sociotechnical Systems (FRAM)
  • Human Factors Integration in the Design & Engineering Community

Canary focus on providing ergonomics interventions that provide long term and sustainable improvements to the health and wellbeing of the worker population.

Areas of work
Anatomy & anthropometry in human activities
Cognitive ergonomics, complex tasks
Industrial/commercial workplace design
Sociotechnical systems and ergonomics
Task analysis
Training for management and staff
User requirements and guidance

Further details
Established: 2011
First registered: 2015
Indemnity: Company
Registered ergonomists: 1
Other qualified ergonomists: 0
Other consultants: 0